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This necklace captures the swaying effect of the wearer's changing posture and movements to show the delicacy and elegance of the body. When I designed this necklace, I was inspired by traditional chain mail techniques, to which I added a sense of spring. I used 3D modeling skills from my architectural training to construct a seamless "structure." After refining the design several times to make sure the necklace would sway in a beautiful way, each piece is dyed with fabric color which won't wash away with water. And finally, here is a unique and energetic necklace you will surely enjoy!

Note: Please treat this necklace gently, and avoid stretching it. The plastic has some flexibility but could break if treated too violently.

> Materials: Strong & flexible plastic / brass chain in matte black or Sterling silver chain

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** Product details **

> Handmade and designed in Los Angeles. 3D printed in New York.
> Weight: 0.3oz.
> Movable pendant area measures approx. 4.1” (10.5 cm) x 2.2” (5.5 cm ).
Total length: 18” (46 cm) with 4” (10 cm) extra slack.