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3D Printed and Fine Jewelry - Mahuika Collection

Mahuika Necklace Two Tone - Silver & Black


Mahuika is the name of the Māori fire deity, whose spirit is expressed in the reflections, evocative of glistening flames, which are visible in the movable structure of this necklace. Every element is designed thoughtfully as an individual form and also as part of an overall gesture to be draped around the neck. This necklace demonstrates a system for taking advantage of 3D printing technology while still treasuring the traditional metal casting and polishing techniques.

Sterling silver / Strong & flexible nylon plastic

Approx. 8.2" (21cm) x 7" (18cm) x 0.7" (2cm)
Weight: 17oz

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Silver & Black_clear.jpg

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Designed and assembled in Los Angeles; 3D printed in San Francisco