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Counterpoint Necklace - White


In music, counterpoint is the overlaying of independent rhythms and contours with the intention of creating harmony in their relationships. Inspired by this principle, this necklace design composes four kinds of elements as the prototypes to express the energy in their relationships.

The pendent part of the necklace focuses on designing the interactive relationship of the overall gesture. Each element gradually changes in size and shape while each comes from one of four original shapes. 

3D printing technology provides us with the chance to produce interlocking parts. I want to explore the aesthetics of using this unique ability to design something that looks delightful, not only in the shapes themselves, but also when the parts involve each other. With this design, I want to express the elements playing together!

Strong & flexible nylon plastic / sterling silver chain

Pendant area measures approx. 6" (15.24cm) x 2.75" (7cm) x 0.75" (1.9cm)
Total length: 19" (48.26cm) with 4" (10cm) extra slack
Weight: 0.4oz

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Counterpoint Necklace - White