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3D Printed Colorful Butterfly Necklace


Designed to bring out the qualities of confidence and elegance; for the wearer to act bold and take actions. From afar, this necklace shows off the simpleness of a clear moon shape, but getting closer, the sophisticated arrangement of the delicate structure will surprise the onlooker. By extracting the sense of the butterfly, I hope to share with you the butterfly's spirit, which shows its identity without fear.

Strong & flexible nylon plastic / sterling silver chain
Pendant area measures approx. 5.1 in (W) x 2.5 in (L) x 0.24 in (D)
Total length: 17 in with 4 in extra slack.
Weight: 0.3oz

Pendant Material:
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Additional Info

  • Handmade and designed in Los Angeles; 3D printed in San Francisco
  • Note: Please treat this necklace gently and avoid stretching it. The plastic has some flexibility but could break if treated too violently.