It's been 3 years!

I can't believe that it has been three years since I designed and made my first 3D printed jewelry!
Since then, I've attended lots of events and shows. If I didn't walk out of my studio and chat with different people, I would never know how happy I can feel when I see the smiles of the customers trying on my designs!

The miraculous thing is, when I see different people wear my jewelry with their own style and personality, it gives me more inspiration to design the next piece.  At the end of the day, my work is all about how to see the beauty in people with a fresh perspective and use the jewelry as a metaphor to outline these qualities.

The more I see and feel, the more imagination I have to express through my designs. I am truly appreciative of the people I've met at the events along the way. I can't wait to have more conversations this summer with all of you, and to share my new designs!